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Castle Horror is a horror events company that specialises in large horror events and was responsible for hosting Scotland’s largest family Halloween party, which has been held in a number of castles around Scotland.

The Castle Horror team are horrifyingly good at creating horror and scare events and have accumulated a large collection of scare props which can be hired out for your very own events.

The most popular events created and managed by the CH team are the immersive zombie experiences which are designed to thrust you into your very own zombie horror movie.

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Castle Horror’s Zombie MAYhem Experience

In a post Zombie apocalyptic world, the Zombie Outbreak Response Team (Z.O.R.T) have taken refuge in a local castle (Mains Castle in Dundee). The Z.O.R. Team have been tasked with finding the last survivors in the city of Dundee.

The Dundee Unit of Z.O.R.T have recently been airdropped a trial vaccine to the Z virus, known simply as the Zantidote. The Zantidote serum is humanities last hope for survival. Unfortunately after being airdropped, the Serum didn’t quite land where it should and was scattered in and around the castle grounds. All survivors who make it to Mains Castle will each have to find and collect their own vile of the Zantidote serum.

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Castle Horror’s popular Zombie MAYhem event was an immersive live experience that thrust participants into thire very own zombie horror movie.

During Zombie MAYhem, the survivors had to complete a mission to collect the Zantidote serum. During this mission, they were directed and guided by a member of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team, had to run through hoards of zombies in and around the castle grounds, a zombie-infested maze, woodlands, bridges and a graveyard.

Watch the promo video for 2016s Zombie MAYhem ->

Castle Horror’s Halloween Party

Picture this, if you dare. It’s a cold, dark night on Halloween. You’re walking in the dark, ahead and through the mist you see a large Scottish Castle glowing red in the dark. Just as you begin to lose your nerve, a group of costumed kids shouts, “Happy Halloween! It’s a party!” Sound like fun? You bet your broomstick it does. Which is why we concocted this Halloween party of a life time, one that no ghoul or goblin will ever forget.

<- Watch the promo video for 2015s Castle Horror III

Castle Horror’s Zombie Horrorween Experience

For the past 2 years, Castle Horror’s Halloween event in Perth City has grown in popularity, with just under 1000 people braving the zombie quarantine zone in the centre of the city last year. And with this, we have been invited back to host our popular zombie event in 2017 with the simple instructions “Bigger!”. For 2017, Castle Horror have been asked to use not one, but a possible 3 areas in the city. Watch this space.

Halloween 2017 in Perth city centre, now dubbed Horrorween, is scarier than usual, due to the outbreak of a zombie virus. Perth residents are being ordered to attend the quarantine zone outside City Hall to be tested for the Z virus. The quarantine zone is manned and operated by the Zombie Outbreak Response Team (Z.O.R.T)

WARNING: Where there are large groups of people, infection travels quickly.

WARNING: Many infected have already been quarantined by the Z.O.R.T and are being held in secure areas within the quarantine zone.

WARNING, DANGER OF DEATH: Do not approach the infected, repeat, do NOT approach the infected.


Castle Horrors Zombie Horrorween