• Wild Witch Lady


  • Origin
    The Circus
  • Role
    The Ring Master
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Carrol AKA the mastermind and driving force behind Castle Horror, Carrol Douglas-Welsh.

Well hello my little dah-lings – so good of you to check me out!

I am a dev-il-ish diva who absolutely squeals with delight at this haunting time of year.  This October I’ll be your Ravashing Ringmaster pulling together the spook-tacular festival of fright we have planned for you.

Hailing from the bowels of Fife, you’re sure to have never come across such a thoroughly wicked lady – or perhaps you have … let me know, hell bring her along, for I’d like to meet her!

Join me and my fellow like-minded freaks for a Halloween Party like you’ve never seen before.  Get your haunt on dah-lings!!

Love Carrol x