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Lt. Hunter (AKA The Zombie Slayer) is an officer in the Dundee Unit of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team. He will be scanning all new arrivals for the Z virus at Mains Castle for the Castle Horror Zombie MAYhem Experience & Party.

Following orders from General Z herself, Lt. Hunter will meet you at the event on the 28th to protect you and give you directions on how to complete your mission and gain entry to the safety of the Zombie Outbreak Research Centre (Mains Castle Dundee).


NAME: Scott Hunter

RANK: Lieutenant

ALSO KNOWN AS: The Zombie Slayer

STRENGTHS: Very good at slaying the dead.

WEAKNESSES: Not good with the living.

FACTS ABOUT: Lt. Hunter keeps 1 bullet attached to his helmet as a last resort. If he’s left in a bad situation and out of ammo, he plans to use this last bullet on him self. Lt. Hunter says he’d rather die by his own hands than become one of them.

ORIGIN: Dundee. When Lt. Hunter joined the Zombie Outbreak Response Team, he volunteered to be stationed at the Dundee evacuation outpost, which was his original city or residence.