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    Creative Director


The General AKA ICUsmile’s very own Director, Scott Sigsworth.

I have fought many a battle against menacing monsters and travelled through the plains of the putrid pumpkins, the world of the warlocks and wizards, the valleys of the vampires and the forests of the freakishly frightful fancy dress dwarfs, to gain the mischievous magic  and nightmarish knowledge needed to for fill my part in this terrorific event. I, the General have the sinister task of magically creating and maintaining this very website in which you are now reading, designing the Castle Horror’s logo, leaflets, posters, tickets, art work and managing a multitude of media for this event. I will also be mysteriously capturing your image on the night with a magical device from your world called a Camera. I look forward to meeting you all at Scotland’s largest family frightnight. 

Regards, The General