• Origin
    The Dark Side
  • Role
    Your Ghost Host


The Webmaster AKA Tay FM’s very own bad boy, Stuart Webster.

Why hello there little pest.  I am the Webmaster, the ghostly, clueless figure in charge of your spooktacular evening…

 Some say I was born from the hideously disfigured mother of many ghouls while she/they ploughed the lawn of a crumbly haunted mansion, the one on the dark side of the street, the one with the gargoyles…the cobwebs…and the house number which is slightly askew.  You know the one.  Others say…I’m just full of wind.  Either way I’ll be your host, your guide if you will through the terrifying events that will unfold before your eyes at CastleHorror….mwhahahahahahhhahahaha…cough, splutter, spit.  Pass my inhaler.