Castle Horror potions

We have just received a new shipment of Castle Horror potions.

Which one will you receive as your complimentary gift on Saturday night??…. only time will tell….



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Make sure to like the Castle Horror Facebook page, to keep up to date with event news and competitions to win tickets to this year fangtastic event.

Like Castle Horror Facebook Page

Castle Horror II’s free drinkable gifts

Each and every guest at the Castle Horror II event on the 25th of October will receive a free drinkable gift on the night.

Ranging from Brain Juice and Pumpkin Fertiliser to love potions and Sugar Overdose Antidotes (for all the sweeties you’ve eaten). Some alcoholic and some not, depending on your age.

Bottle contents donated by Cairn o’ Mohr

Castle Horror Gift



Castle Horror would like to say a hUgE “FANGS” to everyone who came along to the family party nights on Friday & Saturday ….. we’re packing up the props; taking stock; counting the loot and trying to catch up on some sleep 🙂 Please continue to tag and share your pictures and videos with us on our Facebook pages (Castle Horror or Halo Weeny) and we will upload them here. We’ll report the amount raised here and on the Just Giving page ( VERY soon – thank you, one and all – who knew they were so many fabulous FREAKS out there?!? Mwahahahahaha xx

Transport Ticket Sales close in less than 24 hours!

Only available for another 24 hours!

Only available for another 24 hours!

In order to ensure we have a firm booking of appropriately sized buses – we must confirm final numbers by Tuesday morning.  If you are planning to make use of the Castle Horror Transport, you must book and pay to secure your seats by midnight on Monday 21st October 2013 – you have been warned freaks ….. mwahahahahahah


Sponsor a Zombie


A new concept for Castle Horror – sponsor a Zombie for a £40 fee and give them a name and report who “dug them up” or “brought them to life”. We will ensure your Zombie is fed before the spook-tivities and will ensure they are wearing a plague round their neck stating their name (chosen by you) and who dug them up or brought them to life (your family / group / company name). The rest of your fee will go directly to the MKMRF Charity.

Zombies have already been sponsored by Perth Honda and Blackadders in Dundee.

Go on, sponsor a Zombie, you know you wanna and it’s all for charity!! Email your interest to us and we’ll contact you to secure your sponsorship

Bone rattler

Once you have arrived, there will be no need to tip toe past the tomb stones or thunder past the twisted toadstools. You will be met by Castle Horror’s very own bone-rattling bagpiper and led to the pavilion adjacent to the castle for a fangtastic night of events.


We’re on Facebook!!

Check out our new Facebook Page – mwahahahahaha – search for Castle Horror and see what’s up (or 6 feet under!!) x

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