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Zombie Event Timeline

Some of Castle Horror’s Zombie events have been written to coincide with one another. So that there is a continuous story that moves on from event to event. This allows for a fuller immersion into the zombie apocalypse experience and gives a sense of being apart of your very own zombie movie and its sequels.


The story started at Halloween in the Zombie Horrorween – EVACUATION event in Perth City centre.

Due to an outbreak of the zombie virus. Perth residents were ordered to attend the quarantine zone outside City Hall to be tested for the Z virus and evacuated to safety. The quarantine zone was manned and operated by the Zombie Outbreak Response Team (the Z.O.R.T).

“WARNING: Where there are large groups of people, infection travels quickly.

WARNING: Many infected have already been quarantined by the Z.O.R.T and are being held in secure areas within the quarantine zone.

WARNING, DANGER OF DEATH: Do not approach the infected, repeat, do NOT approach the infected.”

Event: Zombie Horrorween – Evacuation


To continue the story, the next event in the storyline was the Zombie Horrorween – MAZE event at Perth City centre.

This was an extension of the EVACUATION story where the quarantine zone had been completely overrun with the undead and the infected. The quarantine area outside City Hall was no longer under the control of the Z.O.R.T and had turned from a secure area into a MAZE of fencing and flesh eating chaos.

Event: Zombie Horrorween – MAZE


Following on from the Perth event, the next part of the story was the Zombie MAYHEM event in Dundee’s Mains Castle.

After Perth and many other cities were lost to the dead, the remaining members of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team were ordered to retreat and take refuge in a castle on the outskirts of Dundee (Mains Castle). There, they were combined to create the Dundee Unit of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team and were tasked with finding the last survivors in the city of Dundee.

The Dundee Unit of Z.O.R.T had soon after been airdropped a trial vaccine to the Z virus, known simply as the Zantidote. The Zantidote serum was humanities last hope for survival. Unfortunately, after being airdropped, the Serum didn’t quite land where it should of and was scattered in and around the castle grounds. All survivors who made their way to Mains Castle each had to find and collect their own vile of the Zantidote serum.

During the main evacuation of Dundee, just after the outbreak started, Mains Castle was also used as a quarantine checkpoint before it too was overrun by the infected. And for this reason, the survivor’s mission to find the Zantidote was very difficult and was met by hordes of the undead. However, during this mission, the survivors were directed by members of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team and guided through hoards of zombies in and around the castle grounds, a zombie-infested maze, woodlands, over bridges and into a graveyard.

Event: Zombie MAYhem 2

Dead Zone

The final part to the story, so far, is the DEAD ZONE event at Dundee’s Mains Castle.

The year before, during the MAYhem was hell. But the Zombie Outbreak Response Team survived. They held the Castle, they saved the Zantidote, they protected you, the survivors.

And yet…

They lost the research facility, so many soldiers and they lost Dundee. It was worse than hell. It was MAYhem.

The few that remains, are the Dundee Unit. They hold the line between humanity and….them. The MAYhem is over.

All that remains,…is the Dead Zone.

Event: Dead Zone