Zombie MAYhem is an immersive live experience that will thrust you and your friends into your very own zombie horror movie.

The popular Zombie event at Mains Castle Dundee is coming back with a vengeance!!

In 2015 this event sold out in a matter of weeks, and this year promises to be unbelievably bigger, better, crazier and guarantees to get your adrenaline pumping.

Are you ready for the apocalypse?

Event: Castle Horrors Zombie MAYhem.
Date: 28/05/16.
Location: Mains Castle, Dundee.
Times: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

In a post Zombie apocalyptic world, the Zombie Outbreak Response (Z.O.R.) Team have taken refuge in a local castle (Mains Castle in Dundee). The Z.O.R. Team have been tasked with finding the last survivors in the city of Dundee.

The Dundee Unit of Z.O.R.T have recently been airdropped a trial vaccine to the Z virus, known simply as the Zantidote. The Zantidote serum is humanities last hope for survival. Unfortunately after being airdropped, the Serum didn’t quite land where it should of and was scattered in and around the castle grounds. All survivors who make it to Mains Castle will each have to find and collect their own vile of the Zantidote serum.

During the main evacuation of the city, just after the outbreak started, Mains Castle was used as a quarantine check point before it too was overrun by the infected. And for this reason, your mission to find the Zantidote will be difficult and you are guaranteed to be met by hordes of the undead.

find out more at http://castlehorror.co.uk/event/zombi…


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